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Nestled in a long stretch of pine groves on a pristine beach of eastern Gangwon Province, is the intricately designed Capella Yang Yang, hailed to be the best future luxury beach destination and wellness resort in Korea. Through the application of natural materials, textures and colours, Capella Yang Yang is meticulously designed to be unique, distinct and respectful of its surroundings, representing a spirit of place and evoking a strong sense of reconnecting to nature itself. Whenever possible, the resort will provide it’s guests with seemingly uninterrupted views of the beach, ocean and the horizon beyond. Capella Yang Yang will feature an extensive choice in food & beverage venues and other facilities that will accommodate a three generational guest satisfaction. These include a comprehensive wellness component that feature hydrothermal experiences, both indoor as well as an outdoor hot spring garden.


Besides its wellness-centric facilities, the resort will also offer a wide range of leisure activities, both to be enjoyed either on the beautiful white sand beach or in the nearby majestic mountain ranges. Together with a team of talented international consultants and designers, Capella Yang Yang comprises of a design DNA that prides itself to be a luxury destination resort that is unique, captivating, immersive, timeless and contemporary in its core.

> Skills we used: Master Planning - Architecture – Lighting – Interior Design

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