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The brief for the One and Only in Dubai was to make the best hotel in Dubai and reaffirm the region as a reference in the world of luxury hotels. The only access to the hotel is by boat, giving our guests an exclusive arrival. The design is inspired from the very principle of Arabian buildings: generous large geometric shapes showing simplicity on the outside and showing luxury on the inside. We also used geometric patterns on lattice works, carpets, and furniture. We invited Jaya Ibrahim to help us with the interior design, and we invited The Flaming Beacon for the lighting design. The whole ground floor develops along a long water pond going inside and outside the building flanked by a shaded planted garden, along which, we find a library, a cinema, the access to a wellness centre, a bar, and the restaurants. The “standard” room is 100m2, the suites are 200 to 300 m2, followed by luxurious villas, fit for celebrity guests requiring full privacy, discretion and security.

> Skills we used: Master Planning - Architecture – Lighting – Interior Design

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