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We are architects and interior designers and we specialize in projects that require an acute coordination of all disciplines making a design of quality. As such, we run regular and intensive design coordination workshops with the other consultants involved in the project: lighting designers, landscape designers, engineers, operators, art consultant, manufacturers, etc...


We apply a bespoke design process to every project, finding its essence and specific rationale. The result of this process gives content to design, and design content makes design form.

This is how we understand "bespoke" to be.

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As Partner and Design Director, Thierry leads the Master-Planning, Architecture, Interior Design of every project. He graduated as an Architect in 1992. Since then, his working experience has been a rich tapestry of international high-end projects in collaboration with acclaimed professionals of various disciplines.


As Partner and Managing Director, Andrew handles the daily running of the office. Hailing from a creative background in Advertising and Branding in the 90's, having the role of Creative Director behind the home accessories and Art Department as well, is second nature.

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Our master planning is a dynamic long-term planning document that provides not just a conceptual layout to guide and development, but also includes analysis, recommendations, and proposals for a site’s purpose, housing, structures, transportation, community facilities, and land use.


Architecture is the art and science of making sure that our homes, and businesses actually fit with the way we want to live our lives. We facilitate the process of manifesting your visions into our physical world.


Interior Design is the science of metamorphosing your rooms into a place of inspiration, comfort and a place you love to go through your own your ideas and visions.


​We think that bespoke furniture is an essential part of making every project unique. Bespoke furniture makes for the best fit, and participate in giving your project and vision its unique personality.


Art is an integral part of everything we do. After getting to know you and your style and taste, we curate the best art to fit your new spaces.


Our aim is to be trailblazers in bringing homeware and home accessories that are unique and bespoke that are made with high quality Bronze in different patinas, and accented by luxurious materials like Galuchat leather and Shell marquetry.

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