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Our Thierry Boon started this project in 2015 with Jaya Ibrahim. After Jaya’s sudden death later that year, Thierry Boon pursued the design and completed it under Superset Design Studio.

The library, private salons, cinema room, kid’s club, game room, ballroom, tea house, gym, singing lounge, pool, restaurant, bar and even the cigar room are designed to each its personality with strong signatures, yet all belonging to one design discipline and language, alike rooms in a large, generous and welcoming mansion. 

Every piece of furniture was designed especially for the project with a few re-edition of classic Jaya chairs. Thierry Boon did exert great precaution to maintain a strong Jaya ‘s look and feel, applying the discipline that he had learned working in collaboration with Jaya Ibrahim since 1996. 

> Skills we used: Interior Design

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