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The hotel is designed in two parts. The first two blocks hold large bedrooms and suites. The second is a village of villas organized around courtyards and paths. Connecting all these elements is a long lobby space made of a succession of domes, each dome has a purpose, a function, be it the access to a restaurant, a bar, a library, the village, room blocks or the lifts. Organized within a tower like structure, the lifts and staircase are designed as a feature, the tower is made of laminated Carrara marble diffusing the day light during the day and glowing softly during the night. The pool penetrates into the sea, giving a unique experience to pool users and also helping to secure the sand on the beach. The hotel section that features only suites, has their own terrace with a pool that overlooks the ocean.

> Skills We Used: Master Planning - Architecture – Lighting – Interior Design

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